Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to buy wood screws

There are many ways to join wood. You should use wood screws, rather than nails, to fasten pieces of wood together if a strong joint is required, or if the joint must be taken apart and reassembled. For example, door hinges must be applied with screws because nails would pull loser after a while, and the hinges may, at times, need to be removed.

The biggest advantages of wood screws is that they are designed for easy removal. Wood screws come in various length, gauge number, type of head, and materials. Screws are commonly made of steel, brass, silicon bronze, aluminum and stainless steel, with various plated finishes. The key to the screw's strength and usefulness lies in its threads, which wind around the root in a helix.

Wood screws are sold in packs. There are many different places to get wood screws. You can buy various wood screws at local stores. You can also order wood screws from online stores.


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