Monday, November 8, 2010

Relationship compatibility

Every relationship is different, and some can withstand conflicts more than others. Compatibility and likability are important to establishing a relationship. The idea that compatibility is the key to a successful relationship is an old, established principle of marriage counseling. Therapists who work with couples know that compatibility is more helpful to the longevity of a love relationship than romantic or erotic feelings. Compatibility makes it easier to resolve conflicts and the ability to resolve conflicts helps make possible a more satisfactory sexual relationship.

Compatibility is determined by the level of your chemistry, the extent of your similarities, and the blend of your differences. Similarity in person styles, goals, and attitudes reduce the severity of conflicts between spouses and tends to keep relationship longer. If there is no social, intellectual, or emotional compatibility, the relationship will end. Online on the Internet can be a good way for you to learn more about compatibility.


online dating on January 16, 2012 at 3:19 AM said...

Compatibility is a divided topic. Whether opposites attract or whether similarities are where the heart lies is open to interpretation. There has been a lot made about dating formulas and equations, but compatibility is still tricky to get right as humans are by nature human and utterly random.

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