Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Create a Backyard Pond

One of the most appealing accents you can build in your backyard is a garden pond. A garden pond, complete with fountain, creating an ideal spot for backyard relaxation. Build a pond in your backyard is easy, all you have to do is dig a hole, add a liner, then add water. If you want to run water from one pond to another, or through a fountain, or up to the level of a waterfall, you are going to need a pond pump.

Today, many water-garden suppliers sell a wide variety of pumps made specially for ponds. In general, pond pumps are available as submersible pumps and an external pump. Submersible pumps are pumps that sit inside the pond. These are ideal for most garden pond applications because they run cooler and more quietly than an external pump. Whichever pond pump you choose, make sure to clean the pump and its filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.



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