Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sex offender database

Sex offender is a worldwide social, family, and public health problem. Simply defined, a sexual offender is any individual who have committed or used force, coercion, or threats to obtain access to another's sexuality. Today, all fifty states have passed legislation requiring sex offenders to register with a sex offender registry agency or local law enforcement agency. It's also require that state sex offender registry information is compiled into one big federal sex offender database that is publicly available, so anyone can find out if any convicted sex offenders live in their neighborhood.

Some individuals and organizations belive that a federal database of all registered sex offenders in the United States, available through the internet, would provide significantly more protection to families and children than only a state-by-stae system database. The information provided online for each offender typically includes the crime that triggered the registration requirement, name, photograph, physical description, date of birth, and current address of the registrant.


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