Sunday, May 15, 2011

Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

Bathtubs have long been recognized as hazardous for the elderly without assistance. And if they fall, it can be very dangerous because their bones can break easily and take a long time to heal. If you or someone in the family has special needs, facilities such as walk-in bathtubs can be added to your bathroom. The idea of walk in bath tub is to eliminate dangerous slips and falls, especially for elderly persons and handicapped persons.

A variety of walk in bath tubs are available to make bathing easier and safer. So it give them independence, security and confidence to enjoy bathroom again. You can choose from a number of styles and sizes, including units with built-in seats and jetted sprays, available with or without shower walls. You can get walk in bathtub at your local hardware store or purchase it online. If you purchase walk in bath tub from online retailer, make sure you read their delivery and return policy carefully.


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