Friday, March 4, 2011

Residential air-conditioning system

The fundamental purpose of a residential air-conditioning system is thermal comfort. There are two types of residential AC systems: a central air conditioner system that blows cooled air from one centrally located unit into various areas of a house through series of ducts or individual room air conditioners located in different rooms throughout a house, this kind AC system commonly called as window air conditioner. Window air conditioners or room air conditioners are frequently installed in bedrooms, so that people can sleep in comfort.

Whatever air-conditioning system you have in your house, regular maintenance is important to keep it functioning efficiently. An important maintenance task you should do often is inspecting and cleaning the airconditioner condenser and filter. If you need comprehensive maintenance or repair you can hire professional AC service. You can find name of Severna Park AC companies by looking at Yellow Pages or search it on the Internet.


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