Saturday, March 12, 2011

Find physiotherapy job openings

Physiotherapy is a science-based medical subject that looks at how the body moves, how muscles, bones, joints and ligaments work and how they react to pain and trauma. Physiotherapist diagnose ailments that affect muscles and nerves and then treat the patient. Physiotherapist aim to get patients to do the work of exercising and restoring function to weak areas. They work with people of all ages: newborn babies, children, women who have just given birth, middle-aged people suffering from arthritis and elderly people who have suffered fractures or strokes.

A physiotherapist has a huge choice of areas in which to work. Physiotherapists works in big hospitals/nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and other such medical establishments etc. They may work independently, or in health care teams with other workers such as nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers and others in caring institution. Internet still the best source to find physiotherapy jobs.


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