Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wetsuits for surfing

Wetsuits are important in allowing surfers to spend a long time in water, all the year round. The wetsuit works by trapping a thin film of water between the suit and your skin, which is then heated by the surfer's skin then acts as an insulating layer to keep the surfer's body warm.

Today, dozen companies entering the market to sell wetsuits to surfers. These wetsuits are readily available for purchase oi rent through the several surf shops. When choosing wetsuit, there are several factors to consider. Thickness and materials matter, but the single most important element in wetsuit performance is fit. It is important that the wetsuit fit snugly, like a second skin. The suit should also sit relatively tightly on the arms, round the neck and the legs.

Although wetsuits are stretchy and relatively durable, you need to treat them well. After every Surfing, wash your wetsuit in fresh water, both inside and out.


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