Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

If you have small bathroom in your house, it's important to make bathrooms appear large and comfortable. You don't have to add square meterage to an existing bathroom to make the space seem larger and work better for you.

Eliminating clutter and excess furniture makes rooms appear larger. A small bath seems even smaller if equipped with many fixtures and a big vanity. Another ways to make a small bathroom look much larger is to panel the walls with mirror tiles. Mirror tiles are made from mirror glass or acrylic which can be positioned like ordinary wall tiles. In general acrylic mirror tiles hold better than glass in a bath. Advantages of the acrylic mirror are in their light weight, non-shatterability, and pleasantness to touch.

You can get acrylic mirror tiles at many different places. If you can't get it at local store, try find it online. There are many good supplier offer a wide selection of acrylic mirror tiles at affordable prices.


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