Friday, April 8, 2011

Installing a tile floor

Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for areas with high traffic, high moisture, or both. Ceramic tile is fabricated from clay or a mixture of clay and ceramic materials. Ceramic tiles come in many shapes, colors, designs and textures. When considering a tile floor, choose a neutral color and pattern that blends well with the adjoining floor surfaces, and make sure you are looking at floor, not wall tile, which is thinner and not slip-resistant. Floor tile should also be glazed for protection from staining. If you use unglazed tile, be sure to seal it properly after installation.

To ensure a long-lasting tile floor, you'll need a smooth, stable, and level subfloor. Tile floor installation can be a good do-it-yourself project, although it requires patience and care. However, it's usually wiser to hire an experienced installer, it's because quality of installation affects long-term durability and aesthetic appeal of a finish. To find a good tile installer you can ask your friends for recommendation.


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