Sunday, February 13, 2011

Create a good company logo

The basic elements of corporate identity are the name and logo. The company logo represents your company identity with a simple drawing. Business logo design can be a monogram of the company's initials or a graphic design. Because your logo is an essential part of your company's branding and identity, keep in mind that your logo should all convey a highly professional image for your company.

If you just start new business or feel that your logo looks dated, you should contact professional designer to help you create a good logo that memorable and visually appealing. For small business, ordering logo online can be a great options because there are many logo designer offer their service at affordable prices. When ordering company logo, you should ask designer to give you a black and white version of the logo. It is important because the yellow pages, newspaper ads, fax cover sheets, forms, etc., require a black-and-white logo.


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