Saturday, January 29, 2011

Applying for F-1 student visa

With millions of foreigners coming to the US each year, rules and regulations regarding entry and residency often become confusing. To work, visit, or study legally in the US, non-US citizens need the appropriate visa. For example, a foreign student will usually enter the United States on an F-1 visa, a visitor for business on a B-1 visa, and others. So if you plan to enter the United States for the purpose of engaging in a full time academic program you should have F-1 Student Visa. Before applying for a student visa, you must first be accepted by a US school approved by USCIS.

An F-1 visa is issued for duration of status - that is, for the time necessary to complete school plus any authorized practical training. A student who has completed the course of study and any authorized practical training after completing the studies is allowed sixty days to finish his or her affairs in the United States and leave the country.


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