Monday, December 21, 2009

Increase speed of computer

Most of computer owners want their PC is running faster. Here are several steps how to increase speed of computer.

The computer needs some basic cleaning and tuning to keep it running smoothly and faster. You can make computer run better by adding more memory and hard disk space to your computer. It is a good idea to remove unused files or programs from your computer. You also need to run disk defragmenter program regularly for computer maintenance.

You computer can slow down because viruses. Computer viruses can slow things down either by corrupting existing files or consuming resources in memory or on the hard drive, or they may just be designed to slow down your computer. So to increase PC speed you should have good antivirus program and update it regularly.

A disk partition also a good way to increase PC speed. A disk partition is a section of a hard disk drive that is treated as a separate storage unit. You can try it and see the effect on your PC speed process.


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