Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The importance of motorcycle helmets

Most countries now have laws compelling motorcyclists to wear helmet. Some require helmets for all riders; others require helmets only for riders under a certain age. Motorcycle helmets have been designed to protect motorcyclists' heads from serious injury in crashes. Research suggests that all cyclists should use this safety equipment. Almost one third of deaths among motorcyclists could have been prevented by the use of motorcycle helmets. Unfortunately there are many people have opposed laws requiring motorcycle drivers and passengers wear helmets with several arguments. The arguments that helmets break necks, block vision, impair of hearing, and cause overheating have been proven myths by every study ever conducted. The facts about motorcycle helmets can be quite simply summarized: they save lives and reduce serious injury to motorcycle drivers and passengers.

The U.S. Department of Transportation established standards for motorcycle helmets. So it is important for every motorcycle drivers to get high quality helmets. Today, there are many high quality street bike helmets available from various different manufacturers, such as Arai helmets, AGV helmets, and much more. You can buy helmets in your local store or buy it online. When you buy motorcycle helmet, make sure you buy it from reputable retailers to get the best deal.


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