Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mindfulness based stress reduction

One mind-body program that has brought a new version to healing and health is mindfulness based stress reduction. Mindfulness based stress reduction is a meditation technique based on a stress-reduction program. This technique has attracted tremendous interest and has been applied to a wide range of psychological and medical conditions for increasing happiness and reducing levels of distress and psychopathology.

There are a number of definitions of mindfulness that have been discussed in the literature. Mindfulness is a concept originating from Buddhist tradition that has been successfully introduced into contemporary psychology and psychotherapy, mainly due to meaningful research results. Learning meditation from an experienced teacher is the best way to begin and is strongly recommended. The mindfulness based on stress reduction programs often taught in clinical settings in a group format. Mindfulness programs have also been taught in the workplace to lawyers, judges, and managers. You can practice mindfulness skills in your everyday life that can be very helpful in regulating emotion. Mindfulness practices have been associated with lower blood pressure, heart rate and create an immune boost. You can go to to learn more about mindfulness. There you will get a great mindfulness tips to restores balance and reduces stress.


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