Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Solar Water Pumps

The sun is the ultimate source of everything needed by life on Earth. I believe that the sun would be a great renewable energy for all people in the world. Solar energy is an abundant and environmentally attractive resource because it's free, and non-polluting with enormous economic promise. A wide range of solar energy technologies are subject of research and development around the world.

In everyday life, we consume a tremendous amount of energy in our home. So it is important for us turn to renewable energy to reduce pollution in earth. Fortunately more and more homeowners use solar energy in their homes. Solar energy can be collected at any reasonable temperature level, stored, and utilized in a variety of ways. Solar energy offers a readily available and practical energy source to meet a variety of needs on our home. One of the best applications for solar energy in our home is solar water pumping.

Solar power is very useful for fresh water supply systems. They require no fuel deliveries and low maintenance. We can use Solar Water Pumps anywhere as long as sunshine is available. It is simple to add a solar water pumping system to an existing home, and different types are available for different circumstances. For water supply, it is cheaper to store water than to store electricity. It's mean we can pump water to high storage tank during sunny periods then supplying by gravity. Home tank storages are available ready-made in plastic, metal, or precast concrete.

It is a good idea to combine of traditional pumps with photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage system. This combination can keep supply water continuous when the sun is not as strong. So if you are concerned about environment issues and petroleum supply crisis, I suggest you invest in solar water pumping system to supply fresh water for your home.


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It was a real good idea :)

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