Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Solar pond aerators

There are many types of aeration systems available for your pond. Solar pond aerators is one of type aeration system that available in the market. This type aerator is 100% solar powered systems. Good quality solar pond aerator can run for 3 days without sunlight.

Aeration equipment has two major functions, mixing and to transfer oxygen to pond water. In this case, oxygen gas is dispersed by a pipe aeration system anchored at the bottom of the pond. Aeration will add oxygen to such waters and improve their quality. Oxygen is important to support fish life, prevent hydrogen sulfide odors, reduce phosphorus solubility, and can also help reduce algae growth in a pond.

With so many aeration systems available, you can find the right aerator that fits your needs. Besides solar pond aerator, you can also find several different types of pond aerators such as garden pond aerator and windmill aeration system. The right place to get any kind of aerator is They offer a wide selection of aeration equipment at affordable price. At Living Water Aeration you will get brief explanation of each style of aerator to help you choose the right aerator equipment. If you still confuse, they will help you find the aeration system that is best for you.


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