Friday, September 4, 2009

Slatwall storage and display

There are several systems to hold hooks and shelves in the walls. Slatwall systems is one of the most popular techniques to hold hooks and shelves. Slatwall is a type of wall board that has grooves in the wood which variety of hooks, shelves and basket can be easily inserted. The system is very flexible and can easily change as your display and storage requirements are change too. A variety of slatwall accessories are available in any home improvement store. With so many slatwall panels and accessories available in the market, the combination of hanging, display, and shelving seems endless. So you should be able to display everything what you want from jewelry and accessories to clothes and shoes.

Many store owners will find that the slatwall will be easier to work with and provide more possibilities for attractive displays. Many stores use slatwall to display any products because it is inexpensive, easy to install and works well. To find slatwall display and accessories you can go to M. Fried Store Fixtures. I recommend this place because they provide high quality product at the lowest prices. You can buy it both offline and online. If you prefer to buy online you can visit their website at


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