Thursday, September 3, 2009

Installing carpet transitions

Many homeowners choose carpet to covering entire floor in home or just in certain room such as living room or bedroom. There are some guide rules you should following when install carpet. The most important thing to consider when carpeting is about transition. Doorways, entryways, and other transition areas require special treatment when installing carpet. There are several techniques you can use to make good transition, such as with metal carpet bars, tackless strip, hot glue and much more. Installing carpet transitions is important to keep the carpet from coming loose. Transition materials and techniques you use will highly depend on the level and type of the adjoining flooring.

For transition between carpet and tilet, I suggest laying a thin layer of caulk under the strip and then attaching the strip wit screws. This is an expensive and quick way to make your carpet look fresh and new. For a transition to another carpet of the same height, join the two carpet sections together with hot-glue.


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