Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slip covers for folding chairs

Slip covers for folding chairs are an easy and affordable way to dress up an old steel folding chair. Slip covers can hide the flaws of a shabby piece of furniture, or for unify a set of mismatched furnishings. Slipcovers styles can range from country to formal depending on the fabric choice and detailing of the chair. Many hotels use elegant slipcovers to create a more formal mood in meeting or seminar rooms.

Wedding planner often use slipcovers to transform simple chairs into elegant seating for members of the wedding party. If you are a wedding planner, purchasing a bulk amount of these slipcovers chairs is a good idea. It is important to have various style of slip covers for folding chairs, so your customers have more choices. You can create custom slipcovers to go for precision fit and best style, but slipcovers can also be purchased through catalogs. You can buy slip covers for folding chairs from Raza Trade. They sell quality slip covers at wholesale prices to hotels, wedding rentals and wedding planners. Raza Trade also offer high quality wedding linens. At Raza Trade you can order linen products for wedding or any other type of party by phone or online on their website at


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