Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rule of thumb for home remodeling.

After learning about rule of thumb for painting in my previous post, this post will give information about rule of thumb for home remodeling. We all know that there are various level of home remodeling project. At home remodeling we can divide into three level of remodeling:
  1. Emergency home remodeling
  2. Core home remodeling
  3. Comfort home remodeling
Emergency home remodeling is the most important project and must be done immediately or as soon as possible. This remodeling includes fixing dangerous structural problems such as unstable front porch, and much more. If you avoid or delay to fix the problem you will have bigger problem in your house and family in the future.

The example for core home remodeling is replacing electrical service or installing a new roof. Comfort home remodeling is the jobs are the ones we want to do, even though we can live without them.


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