Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Guide to Bedroom Decorating

Your bedroom is your private refuge. You will spend almost a third of your life in bed, so your bed and your bedroom are important. Here are some bedroom decorating tips to make life easier.

The most important thing in your bedroom is the bed. The size and placement of the bed is the first decision to be made on bedroom remodeling project. It is important choose the bed according to the size of the bedroom.

Painting is the primary tool for creating the mood you want in a room. It is important to select the right color for your bedroom. Every color has inherent evocative characteristic. For example, blue is restful and many people use it for the bedroom.

Another important thing to consider when decorating your bedroom is lighting. The lighting that you use in bedroom can play a fundamental part in creating relaxing atmosphere. Your bedroom should include both ambient and task lighting. In most bedrooms ambient lighting is provided by a series of recessed lights in the wall or ceiling. And task lighting can be a small lamp placed by the bedside for nighttime reading.


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